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RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.0

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Updated: Mar 26, 2014

RightMark Audio Analyzer Description

Independent audio measurements open-source project

RightMark Audio Analyzer was designed to be an independent audio measurements open-source project. The test suite performs various tests of electroacoustical performance of sound cards and other real-time audio devices.

Testing is accomplished by playing the test signals and recording them after they pass through the testing chain.

The most interesting feature is advanced spectrum analyzer of any WAV-file for custom users tests.

Spectrum analyzer options are:
- FFT size: variable size of FFT block (in samples) from 128 to 262144
- Resolution: calculation width of each spectrum frequency bin
- Zero padding of audio data before spectrum analysis. Interpolates spectrum and displays it more precisely
- FFT overlap: Overlapping of FFT blocks in time domain. Higher overlapping leads to slightly better spectrum averaging
- FFT window: FFT weighting window selection. Weighting windows affect the level of spectral side-lobes and frequency spreading of spectral main lobes
- Kaiser window beta: Adjusts the shape of Kaiser window. Higher betas lead to better suppression of side lobes (useful when spectrum has high peaks), lower betas lead to slighlty better frequency resolution.
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