Get A Faster Running System With These 5 Duplicate File Removers

If you think that your Windows system is running slower than it should be but you don’t think that you have very much on it in the way of apps and files, there’s a good chance that it’s being weighted down by a bunch of duplicate files. (see exactly what exactly are the duplicate files) You see, sometimes when you download or alter a file, your system saves a duplicate for you. It’s almost (if not) never necessary.

Luckily, there are plenty of programs out there that can get rid of these useless files for you and, in turn, help your system run like it should. The options out there are seemingly endless, but these five are the best of the best as far as we’re concerned – Not one of them is going to install junk that you don’t when you download it (which is a big fault of much of the competition).

It’s probably worth mentioning that you should only ever delete duplicates of personal files. Leave system files alone because your system might require them to function properly. Images, videos, documents, etc., though, are all fair game.

Here are 5 phenomenal duplicate file removers:

Duplicate File Finder

Let’s start out simple. Duplicate File Finder might not have the prettiest interface out there – and it’s pretty bare in terms of nifty extra features – but it’s as functional as most people are going to need their duplicate file remover to be. And hey, it’s free!

This software actually looks for duplicate files in an alternate way than some others do – Instead of looking for files that mostly match (which can be a downfall of come competitive software depending on what you’re planning to use it for), Duplicate File Finder first looks for files that are the exact same size before comparing them to see if they’re duplicates of each other. This method actually makes the software a little quicker than some others, as well.

If you want to make certain beyond doubt that you’re only deleted exact duplicates, this is the software for you. Click here to get it.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4

This is a premium duplicate file finder and remover, but it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for something that’s super easy to use and comes jam-packed with a ton of nifty features.

The company offers a free trial on their file remover that lasts for thirty days, which should be more than enough time for you to try it out and see whether or not it’s worth the investment for you. If you’d like to try out something that might offer a little more functionality than the other things on this list, click here.

Get Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4


If your only real concern in regards to duplicate files is pictures, VisiPics is definitely the right software for you. Sometimes when we edit an image, we opt to save a copy; before we know it, there are seventeen versions of the same picture, some with the most minor or alterations.

VisiPics will find all copies of the same photo, regardless of how it’s been altered – be it a resize, rotation, filtered, etc. – and show all of the various versions to your visually. From there, you can choose which ones you’d like to keep and which ones can go.

Because of its visually-focused interface, it’s a must-have tool for photographers and people who love to store their pictures on their computers alike. Learn more about how exactly it works and download it here.


This company has an entire franchise of software so that you can tailor your download(s) to meet your own individual needs. The regular dupeGuru scans documents and other files, dupeGuru Music Edition specializes in finding duplicate songs (even when they’re saved in different formats and have been encoded at different rates), and dupeGuru Pictures Edition locates doubles of any pictures on your system, even if they’ve been slightly modified.

Since all of their software is open-source, it’s free and you won’t have to register in order to use it. It’s not particularly pretty, but it’s not lacking in aesthetic value either. The point is that it does what it needs to do, and these packages definitely fit the bill there.

One quick note – Even though their website does claim that their software doesn’t support Windows software anymore, you can still get it to function flawlessly on your system by clicking the correct link under “Old Versions” here. 

Download dupeGuru

DigitalVolcano’s Duplicate Cleaner Free

Like most free software out there, you can opt to purchase a premium version of DigitalVolcano\s Duplicate Cleaner, but the free version comes equipped with everything that the average user is going to need and it has a nice looking interface to boot.

It’s very user-friendly and gives beginners a little more direction than some of the other software on the list does. If you want to be able to find and delete files that are fairly similar but still different you’re going to need to upgrade, but if all you want is to be able to get rid of exact replicas, this is a perfect option.

You can check and see if DigitalVolcano’s Free Duplicate Cleaner is the right program for you by checking it out.

What program do you use to rid your system of duplicate files?

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