Hard Drive Powerwash

Hard Drive Powerwash is an application that erases all temporary and unnecessary files from your system.

It has a fast search engine, a nice configurable exceptions list and an easy-to-use interface made for all type of users, from rookies to experts.

Hard Drive Powerwash also keeps your browsers clean, by removing any cookies and temp files created by them.  Also, users can see how much space was recovered after each clean, or an overall view since it was installed.

The scan can be started manually, whenever the user wants to, or can be set up to run automatically, with a well-made scheduler included in the software.

Due to low resources it uses, Hard Drive Powerwash run steady and doesn’t slow down the computer, allowing users to keep computing while cleaning their system.

Hard Drive Powerwash it’s a polished software that can become your hard disk’s best friend! Keep it simple, keep it clean.

Download Hard Drive Powerwash

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