iTunes is coming to Windows Store

Microsoft surprised everyone at Build 2017 when they announced iTunes is coming to Windows Store. Apparently, Microsoft and Apple have made an agreement which will bring Windows 10 users an official iTunes version in the Store.

This is particularly important for those who will purchase a Windows 10 S computer. In case you don’t know what Windows 10 S is, this version of the operating system can only run official Windows Store apps. Being aimed at students, having iTunes available in the Windows Store is certainly a win for Microsoft.

Windows Store iTunes version expected to have complete functionality

This means you can ditch the old iTunes desktop app if you need to sync your iPhone or play some Apple Music and use the Windows Store app instead.

The announcement said the Windows Store iTunes will have the complete set of features, including iPhone syncing and Apple Music streaming but no details were shared as to how the new app will look or if new features would be added. We also don’t have an official release date but as an additional announcement that’s just as important, Spotify will also become available in the Windows Store, making Windows 10 S even more appealing for the young crowd.

It remains to be seen if Apple will use this opportunity to revamp iTunes and optimize it for Windows (including adhering to Microsoft’s new Fluent Design guidelines) or if we’re going to get exactly the same package under the form of a Windows Store app.

What do you think about the fact iTunes is coming to Windows Store? Do you plan on using it instead of the desktop app when it becomes available?


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