MTools (Excel Plug-In)

MTools Ultimate Excel Plug-In is an intuitive plug-in that improves your Microsoft Excel experience.

MTools offers a wide and high-quality set of tools, which enhance the user’s productivity while working in Microsoft Excel. You can use it to create spreadsheets much easier and faster, regardless if you are a rookie Excel user or a professional one. It will improve the work speed and reliability of your spreadsheets, ultimately giving the user more free time.

The plugin comes with more than 40 different unique services, which include:
– Bug fixing
– Data analysis and report development
– Administration of multiple excel files for particular assignments
– Password Removing
– Name and link management

MTools Ultimate Excel Plugin is easy-to-use, friendly for all kind of users and works with Excel 2002 or higher. It is a standalone plugin and makes life easier for anyone that takes a moment to try it.

Download MTools Ultimate Excel Plug-In

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