Mz CPU Accelerator

Mz CPU Accelerator is a small software that allows the users to run applications at a faster speed than usual.

Overclocking usually works awesome but it can also mash your computer. Advanced users can run it smoothly with multiple and complex tools while most of the users avoid messing up with overclocking. Here’s where Mz CPU Accelerator comes in play.

Mz CPU Accelerator reduces the resources required by the background programs while optimizing the CPU performance for the applications currently in use.  Basically, it will keep the CPU available for the front window, while decreasing the supply for the rest.

It has a clean and intuitive interface that can be easily used by any range of users.  You can see the currently boosted program, the processor usage and clock speed.

A noticeable speed increase can be experienced from the start, but users must bear in mind that the application can’t do miracles if the CPU is stressed too much.

In the end, Mz CPU Accelerator is an easy-to-use software that can increase the speed of your computer safely, offering the users a better computing experience even with a slower PC.

Download Mz CPU Accelerator

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