How to use Mini View in Windows 10 Movies & TV app

Mini View is a new feature available in Windows 10 Creators Update which lets you watch your favorite TV show or a video conversation taking place over Skype in a small window set to stay on top of everything else. Today, we’ll discuss how you can use Mini View in Windows 10 Movies & TV app and how it works.

To sum it up, Mini View works just like the picture-in-picture feature modern TVs are equipped with. The new feature is available only in the Skype Preview and Movies & TV apps. It enables you to watch videos or have a video Skype conversation in a small window while working on other tasks.

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How to use Mini View in Windows 10 Movies & TV app

Open the Movies & TV app and start playing a video. The Mini View feature is a small screen icon located next to the full-screen option. The icon looks like a frame inside a rectangle.

When you click on the button, Mini View will become enabled and it will downside the Movies & TV app to a small window in the top-right corner of the screen.

You still have all the video controls which appear when you hold the mouse over the window. Also, the window can be repositioned and resized as needed. To revert to the normal-sized window of the Movies & TV app you just need to click on the Mini button in the mini window.

This new feature can be quite useful, as we often need to multitask and it lets us do that while also watching a video or carrying a Skype conversation. Have you tried Mini View and how do you like it?

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